The following games have been developed specifically for use in Singapore, co-designed with teacher input and are free to download, print, and play. All of the art for these games is done by Shirin Rafie.

Valence A chemistry card game. Players gain and lose electrons as they try to get stable valence shell configurations. For game play instructions, check out this youtube video.

Sovereign City A geography deck building game based on Dominion. Players must balance economic development with investments in sustainable growth (Instructions v.2).

Don’t be a Rube  A physics classroom activity. Players pass energy to one another as they play their part in a Rube Goldberg machine.


Citizen Science is a game about lake science and eutrophication in Madison, Wisconsin. It was the topic of my dissertation.

Virulent is a game about the spread of viruses. It was released for free on the Apple store. I contributed some sound and music assets.

Breathe Daily is a mindfulness meditation app released for iOS and Android devices that I helped design. It is not currently being updated.