Changi Beach

Changi Beach

Changi Beach is on the far east side of Singapore, a bit out of the way. Singapore, however, is relatively small (276 sq mi) and so it takes under two hours to travel from the west (Jurong) to the east (Changi). The beach wasn’t really good for swimming, as it wasn’t sandy and there was a bit of trash around (a measuring cup was the oddest find). Still, the steady breeze from the ocean was nice.


바나나I learned three things this week.

1) How to read “바나나” (Banana in Korean).

2) There are bananas growing near the bus stop where I wait for work.

3) These bananas are inedible unless cooked (says Mingfong).



SEA uses a set of LoL servers that are maintained by Garena (not Riot), who is in charge of publishing/distributing Riot’s LoL content. I haven’t yet been able to play while on campus because of technical issues and Garena doesn’t have a mac client, so I haven’t had a chance to play the game locally – stuck with 200 ping to NA – but I’m amused that they’re in one of the many local malls showing off LoL to passerbys and selling merch regardless.



Oscar Villamiel Mixed Media installation with excavated dolls, bamboo rod

Oscar Villamiel
Mixed Media installation

“A zinc shed houses more dolls and drawings by the artist. The dolls were collected over a span of two and a half years from garbage heaps in the Philippines. The artwork references Payatas, a district with a large community of people, living close to a towering mountain of garbage. It is a reminder of poverty, but also new life that sprouts from the rubble. “